Meet the Team


Tony Pec


"The Mogul" of the group, Tony is always looking for new ways to motivate the team and expand the outreach of the company. He has a tremendous ability to network with just about anyone due to being highly personable. Tony will constantly maintain a high energy and will not sleep (literally) until he figures out a solution to a problem because bringing value to people's lives is what he strives to do. 


Francis Volpe


"The Visionary" of the group, Francis is always creating new ideas to help brand and market the company with the use of photography and videography in order to differentiate the company. Francis is a hard working, passionate, and extremely driven individual who wants to help make a positive impact on those around him. 


Michael Capozzi


"The Analyst" of the group is the back bone of this entire operation. He has in-depth knowledge of website design, tech support, and analytics. Michael is very detail oriented and is precise in everything he does. He jumps at the opportunity to make improvements in order to create a better experience for our clients and team. Delivering the best possible experience is what Michael strives to do. 


Mark Supik

Content Creator

“The Artist” of the Group. Mark is Y Not You’s videographer and photographer. He creates captivating videos and crisp photographs to bring businesses and individuals story’s to life. Marks style of content creation flawlessly paired with his dedication to deliver his clients the highest quality, creates a harmonic flow of storytelling.


Joe Devito

Client Acquisition

“The Connector” of the Group. Joe is Y Not You’s best connector. He continuously connects us with new clients through his vast network that runs wide and deep. He also has a sharp mind to create ideas to connect with new people daily. Joe is a core proponent to the team, not only connecting us to new clients but to bringing large hoards of people to our events. Joe’s strongest skills aside from his charismatic and caring personality is his critical mind to dissect situations to see the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.


Antonio Cortes

Content Creator

“The Traveler” of the Group. Antonio is another one of Y Not You’s talented videographers and photographers. He is very detailed oriented, making sure that each shot is captured correctly. His love for travel has given him a unique skill set to his craft, for when he creates his travel blogs he brings that country alive with his footage and sound design. He brings this to his client’s footage allowing him to produce high quality and entertaining content.


Stefania Guarneri

Office Manager

“The Organizer” of the Group. Stefania keeps everything in order. She has a high attention to detail making sure that the work needed to be done is finished in a timely manner. Stefania does not let anything fall through the cracks keeping the company running at an efficient pace. Her charismatic personality allows her to excel with always making sure the company’s clients are happy. Stefania is hardworking, passionate and caring for her work as well as those she works with.