Highlight Your Life!


Do you want a clean, professional, and themed Instagram profile? Almost every one of the top influencers and businesses utilize a themed graphic for their Highlights to capture the attention of their followers. It’s Instagram’s new call to action!

Y Not You will design your Highlight Covers for your personal page, your business, and even your side hustle! Take your Instagram profile to the next level with our professionally designed Highlight Covers!

What we’ll need from you:

  • Your Instagram User Name

  • Your Requirements

  • Any Text or Image to be Added

  • Color Scheme



  • 5 Highlight Covers

  • Unlimited Revisions



  • 12 Highlight Covers

  • Advanced Design

  • Unlimited Revisions 



  • 20 Highlight Covers

  • Premium Design

  • Unlimited Revisions


Don’t know what to post?


“So I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I didn’t do ANY marketing, all I did was follow your plan from the posting strategy for my stories and posts. I made $300 total yesterday without lifting a finger!!! Y’all are the best!”

- Katelynn Pierce

We know the difficulties of deciding what content to post and when to post it. Maximizing your audience engagement can be tough, and being able to post content that aligns with what your target audience wants to see is even more challenging.

70% of all Instagram posts aren’t even seen. With Instagram’s new algorithm, the only way to increase post visibility is through past post engagement. By completing a detailed questionnaire, the Y Not You team will develop an in-depth posting and branding strategy unique to your market and target audience with the goal of helping you increase your engagement.

  • Learn the best times to post on your account

  • Learn the optimal hashtags to use for your content

  • Maximize your Story’s reach

  • Generate more Leads / Sales and/or increase brand recognition

  • Learn how to effectively create a post



Are your DMs being left on read?

First impressions are everything! The first message you send to someone can be the difference between being left on read, creating a relationship, or closing a deal!

Do you hate getting those DMs from accounts that are clearly sent from bots?

I think we can agree that we all do! Your DM needs to be custom to that specific business or individual that you’re messaging!

Our team works with you to create a custom DM that will include the name of the person or business you’re messaging. As well as a personalized statement specific to the profile to ensure that the person/business receiving the message knows you took the time out to look at their page!

Attention is gained on posts, you’re remembered by your stories, but business is done in the DM’s !

Our team at Y Not You will help you:

  • Develop a customized DM

  • Perfect your DM pitch of who you are, what you do, and a call to action

  • Send DM’s on your behalf to followers of your desired target


50 DMs per Month

100 DMs per Month

200 DMs per Month